The Alpha Course is your opportunity to explore questions about life

No question is too simple, too tough, or too “out there”

What’s your question?

 What? When?


What is it?

11 weeks of relevant topics, relate-able hosts, and a relaxed environment. Alpha nights begin with a meal, providing an opportunity to get to know others in a casual setting. This is followed by video from the Alpha Film Series, which examines aspects of the Christian faith. Then there is a time for open discussion, where people are free to ask their questions in a non-threatening environment.

The first night is an introduction and free dinner. Feel free to come and see if you're interested, with no commitment to keep coming, then make a decision if you want to continue.

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Some of the questions we’ll explore are:

Is there more to life than this?
How Does God Guide Us?  
Who is Jesus?
Why and how do I pray?
How can I develop a relationship with God?
What about the Church?

When is it?

Our next session will begin: September 16, 2019
Alpha runs on Mondays 6:30pm
Child care is available
Dinner is provided

We’d love to see you at our next Alpha session.

Feel free to contact us for more info, talk to someone at Guest Services on Sundays, or sign up online below.