Transition Process

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Understanding Transition and Major Steps in the Transition Process

The Transitional process attempts to answer, at a deep level, the following questions about the church:

1. Who were we? (our history)
2. Who are we now? (our current level of health)
3. What is important to us? (our core values)
4. Where are we? (what is our community like and what is our relationship with our community)
5. Who do we hope to become? (what is our sense of future mission and vision)
6. What is the next Lead Pastor’s role in shaping our mission and vision?
7. In light of all of the above, what kind of Lead Pastor do we need? 

The Transitional process includes 8 major phases in preparation for the pastoral search:

1. Regaining Stability
2. Closure with the past
3. Assessment of Church Health
4. Moving toward Greater Health
5. Preparing for the Pastoral Search
6. Conducting the Pastoral Search
7. Hiring a Lead Pastor 
8. Evaluation of the process