MRAC Youth Podcast

One Wild Life - Week 5: Wake Up

We wrapped up our series with Ephesians 5:14-16. We talked about the choice whether to stay in the rut and routines of our lives, or to look for ways to trust God, and allow Him into our lives. 

One Wild Life - Week 1: Living By a Greater Power

We kick off a brand new series working our way through the book of Ephesians. We are looking at the difference between living a "Normal Life" and the "Wild Life" that God has called us to lead. This week we are in Ephesians 1:18-20

Relationship Status - Week 4 : Trusting & Running

In our final week of our Relationship Status series, we talk about continuing to trust God with the decisions we make in our relationships and friendships. We also talk about the fact that we need to keep our eye on the future prize of marriage as we run the race.

Relationship Status - Week 3 : In a Relationship

Week 3 of our Relationship Status series and we are looking at "Dating". Not everyone is ready to start dating, but that doesn't mean it's important to have a discussion about some ideas to think about when it comes to starting a relationship. 

Relationship Status - Week 2 : Friendship

Week 2 of our series called "Relationship Status" we talked about friendships. We talked about the fact that "Fake friendships are easy, but Real friendships are hard work". Are you willing to put in the work? 

Relationship Status - Week 1 : Under Pressure

Sexuary is back. Every February our youth ministry talks about love, dating, relationships, and sex. This year our series is called "Relationship Status". In week one we looked at the pressures that come from the decisions and choices that everyone has to make around these topics. 

Big Questions - Week 1 : Identity

Everyone has "Big Questions" about life. Identity is something that no matter who you are, where you are from, what age you, we all struggle with who and what we are. God gives us the ability to ground our identity in Him. 

God Is - Week 3 : Unchanging

In week 3 of our series we are looking at the truth that God is unchanging. In a world where we have constant change, choices, and decisions to make, the fact that God is unchanging can be a game changer for us. 

God Is - Week 2 : Love

Week 2 of our "God Is..." series. This week we are looking at the idea that God is Love, not just a characteristic of Himself, but a very real part of his nature. The song referenced at the end of the message is "Elohim" by Hillsong.

God Is - Week 1 : Present

The first week of our new series called "God Is". Over the next 4 weeks we will be looking at what God is really like, and how that makes a difference in our lives. Week 1 we talk about the very real fact that God is present everywhere.

Squad Goals - Week 5 : BELONG

Pastor Sam Bell
The final week of our series called "Squad Goals". For this series we are looking at 5 words that define our youth ministry. This week's word is "BELONG".

Squad Goals - Week 4 : SHARE

Pastor Sam Bell
This is week 4 of our series called "Squad Goals". For this series we are looking at 5 words that define our youth ministry. This week's word is "SHARE".