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Walking Over Shattered Glass

by Rob Inrig

Slowly they crawled, like animals feeling that safety was better secured on all fours. Their journey stretched four football fields long over a 3500 feet drop to the valley below. Others were less bold – watching - unconvinced about a structure that appeared uncrossable. Despite their minds’ assurances, their eyes shouted something else – crossing was foolish.

But once feet begin their journey over a glass bottomed suspension bridge in a mountain scenic park in China, stomach flipping terror sets in. The view may be spectacular but trusting safety to 1½ inches of glass tests everything the mind believes.

But the engineers said – trust. The builders said trust. The glassmakers said trust.

After all, they were the ones who knew. And then glass shattered. Admittedly, only a panel or two but the park official who tried to reassure, “The fractured glass does not affect safety” did little to assure travelers.

So much for what the experts knew.

Sometimes it feels as if God takes us to glass bottom bridges and asks us to walk. Our destination? Often unmarked. Our certainty? Often unknown. Our purpose? Often unclear. But faith works in places that don’t have straight paths and assured destinations. Places God calls us to trust, one step at a time even when cracks come and storms blow. Because the truth is, there are times when we will experience storms and the foundations of our lives will shake.

The Bible is filled with stories like these. Take Joseph for example whose story is a roller coaster ride of: jealousy and revenge, a father’s love and a father’s foolishness, a virile ‘innocent’ and a woman’s attempt to seduce him; and identity lost and a greater identity found.

Scripture gives us no better example of how to live and how to trust as life walks us over shattered glass. It’s a story of trust in the faithfulness of God when ground gives way and darkness closes in. A story when God’s redemptive plan slowly unfolds even though it often goes unseen. It’s a story written for us as He calls us to, “Trust and walk” because He is God even during times of shattering glass.