Words from the Pastors - Neil Penner

Sharing a bit of encouragement and inspiration outside of our regular Sunday Services.

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My Well Kept Secret

by Neil Penner

Let me share a very personal, well-hidden secret about me. I love chocolate. I can never have enough chocolate. There is something about milk Chocolate that makes a day complete. There is nothing like milk chocolate in the morning with my coffee. And then that smooth milk chocolate at lunch, and if I was to be honest, throughout the day.

For you it may be something else. We crave food, we crave power, material things, and relationships. These things do make us feel filled for the moment. But soon they fade and we are craving something new. What if there was a someone, not a thing, that would keep you filled – not leaving you wanting.

Jesus spoke a profound truth that changed my life:

Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.”

My life change started the night I accepted an invitation to ask Jesus into my life, acknowledging I had a sin problem, and accepting Jesus’ payment for my sin on the cross, promising to give me a new life.

All the things that call out to us, the lure of being filled. The world tells us the many things that will satisfy you and me, and our hearts crave satisfaction. We want to be filled and we seek it in simple things like food, money, power, material things and relationships.

I choose to believe God’s words with the simple truth that speaks so loud to me in this text. Jesus is the only one that will make you feel complete and be satisfied.

With the many things that call out to me I daily choose truth in what Jesus said… seek Him and His righteousness knowing Jesus will fill me. He does keep His promise.