Words from the Pastors - Neil Penner

Sharing a bit of encouragement and/or inspiration outside of our regular Sunday Services.

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Devotional thoughts by Neil Penner

The Heavenly Father has my best interest in mind.

Linda and I always want to do what is best for our kids. Linda and I committed ourselves to parenting according to God’s Word. The kids did not always like the choices we made for them when they were young, even though our hearts desire was always what was good for them. My heavenly Father knows what is best for me and I don’t always like it. The Bible gives us some helpful advice on daily life choices.

Proverbs 16:1-5

Commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans

God sometimes makes it so easy for us to succeed in life. One simple truth… Commit – yet it is one of the hardest things for a selfish human being to do that wants control.

Another passage of scripture says without faith it is impossible to please God.

The big question for me is… If I believe that Jesus loves me so much that He gave His life for me, and paid in full for my sin, should I not be able to trust Him with my life? The answer is yes in my brain, but a daily truth I must apply to my life.

Am I daily willing to commit to God my family, career, my relationships or whatever I set my mind to do? Even my thoughts? Are you?