Words from the Pastors - Rob Inrig

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Stepping Up or Stepping Out

Rob Inrig, Transitional Lead Pastor

Hearing of atrocities behind the barbed wires of Auschwitz, 39-year-old Witold Pilecki, a member of the Polish resistance, volunteered to be arrested so he could get 1st hand information. Imprisoned in the Nazi death camp, he smuggled intelligence reports out in the outgoing laundry into the waiting hands of the Polish Resistance.  Thanks to Pilecki, horrific rumour was confirmed as unspeakable fact.

His imprisonment ended when, after 3 years of confinement, he and two colleagues escaped by overpowering a guard.

Despite his heroics, Pilecki wasn’t blessed with a long life. Three years after the war’s end, Pilecki was executed by Stalin’s Secret Police due to his loyalty to Poland’s non-communist government. 

It’s been said that, “Courage isn’t the absence of fear rather it is the judgment that something else is more important.”  Few exemplify this truth better than Pilecki whose courage compelled him to step up when all others looked on.

He didn’t do so because his actions would bring great fame. In truth, it’s doubtful any of us have heard his name. He didn’t do so because his courage would bring great reward. It’s doubtful he had any real hope of escape from this barbed wired prison. But while the world stepped out, Pilecki stepped up.

I wonder, how might God be asking us to step up even if fears are shouting, “Step out not needed.”  Not a leap. Just a step - into a place where God wants to accomplish His purposes through us.

Who knows how many prisoners God might want to set free through us?