Global Missions

Missions is at the core of who we are as we seek to make disciples locally and globally
We are part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada
This page represents our commitments to Global Missions


Rob & Karina Barber (Faith, Wesley, Joyanne, Calvin) - Madegascar

Rob grew up in our church and now serves with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship), as an airplane mechanic. He works diligently to keep the planes working so that the MAF pilots can transport food & medical supplies, perform medical evacuations, and transport pastors to remote areas.

We receive email updates from our missionaries approximately once per month.  To sign up for email updates from our Missionary Families, contact the church office:

C&MA Global Ministries

We partner with our National Office in supporting a number of individuals who are serving as full-time missionaries all over the world.

For more information about our C&MA International Workers:

To sign up for email updates from C&MA Global Ministries, contact the church office: (note that these emails come often.)