Grad Banquet - June 16, 2017

Everyone is welcome to come celebrate with the Grads at this Banquet Dinner and Program!
Friday June 16th at 6pm, in the Activity Centre.
Tickets are $10 and will be available in the Church Foyer on Sunday,
and in the Office during the week.

Congratulations to Our Grade 12 Graduates:
Faith Black, Sarah Black, Ruben Deeley, Farah Fox, Carlos Hayes, Sabrina Jay,
Zack Kuzyk, Josiah Lee, Robynne Mah, Ainsley Marsh, Ana Mayfield, Kelsey Morgan,
Graeme Pomeroy, Aiden Radford, Amelia Rankine, Brandon Smith, Naomi Stuive,
Rebekah Stuive, Richard Yun